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Meeting Highlights from 31st Annual Meeting of the North American Spine Society

Meeting Information

October 26-29, 2016
Boston, MA

This year's meeting featured the most current research available on spine surgery and psychosocial elements of pain, as well as interdisciplinary treatment of degenerative disc disease. More than 3,500 spine professionals attending the meeting, which offered more than 800 presentations, including symposia, paper sessions, ePosters, instructional courses, and hands-on courses. To follow are selected highlights from the meeting.

From this Meeting:

Patient satisfaction postoperatively may not be based solely on pain satisfaction—study examines the the role of staff, opioids, and non-opioid medications.
Cervical radiculopathy, or pinch-nerve, often resolves with conservative therapy. But when it does not, surgery may be a better option than nonsurgical therapy, according to a new study.
Injured workers who are on chronic opioid therapy prior to surgery had worse outcomes than workers who did not take opioids. Learn why.
When someone has back pain, it is important to remember to treat their anxiety and depression as well as encourage them to lose weight and quit smoking.
High expectations for pain relieve before surgery can lead to disappointing result following lumbar surgery. Find out why.
Current smoking habits influence ability of the body to heal after spinal surgery.