Find a Specialist for Your Pain

Whether you’re looking for an interventional pain management specialist, a neurologist, or a physical therapist, you’re in the right place. We have a comprehensive list of medical professionals who treat chronic pain—find the right one for you.

All Health Care Professionals Near Canton, Illinois

4 listings were found within 10255075100200 mikm of Canton, Illinois
  • Richard Poppo MD General Practice
    Limestome Medical Center
    1506 W. Garfield Avenue, Bartonville, Illinois, 61607-1746
    approx. 19.8 mi from Canton, Illinois
  • I & I Neurology
    100 Ne Randolph Ave, Peoria, Illinois, 61606-1919
    approx. 24.9 mi from Canton, Illinois
  • Julian Lin MD Neurology
    Kewanee Hospital
    719 N William Kumpf Blvd, Peoria, Illinois, 61605-2530
    approx. 24.9 mi from Canton, Illinois
  • Alfonse T Masi MD Rheumatology
    University of Illinois
    1 Illini Dr, Peoria, Illinois, 61605-2576
    approx. 25 mi from Canton, Illinois
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