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Financial help for RA (rhuematoid Arthritis

From: katie kry's - 6 years 46 weeks ago

I have had Rhuematoid arthritis disease for over 3 years now, I cannot work because of it . I cannot find any financial help from any where . I tried social security have been denied 5 times. went to get medical card from public aid still no help.
as suggestions:??? I'm on medications with my family Dr. really need to start seeing a RA Dr. but I cant afford anything . I'm about to lose everything. Home , etc The Dr. I'm seeing and I also believe if I could get on the right medication maybe I could live a close to normal life . Now because of the Arithritis, I may have another medical problem associated with the RA . I need tests , blood work so much to name could anyone help?? I would really appreciate it

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You need an social security attorney to help you. They get nothing if you dont win plus there ia cap of how much they can charge you. Plus it will be a lump sum of when you first apolied when they get you approved. Make sure you add everything,like anxiety & depressiin.