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What can we do to reverse the perception that we are addicts.

From: painguy10 - 2 years 51 weeks ago

Hey fellow sufferers,
We need to start a movement that reminds the legislature that their new laws regarding opiate use is not helping those of us with chronic intractable pain. Some of us have genetic issues that make us need more pain meds than others. Some of you have special, painful inoperable conditions that require large opiate dosages. My point is that you can't make a "blanket" law regarding a doctors use of opiates that will adequately cover all pain patients.
It is very understandable as to why they have passed such a bill, I want opiates out of the hands of our young people who party with them and end up overdosing.
Unfortunately, since the the bill has passed some sites show a 250% rise in the use of heroin and the suicide rate for chronic pain sufferers is rising at an alarming rate. I've lost 22 ex co-patients in the last year and a half. And that is one medical practice.
So what can we do? We can exercise our civil rights and peacefully demonstrate in each of our respective state capitols. But, how do you get a bunch of crippled people who can barely manage to take care of themselves as it is form any kind of organized demonstration? Simple, we throw our money together and get someone to do it for us.
Anyone who may read this have any friends or family who would go to bat for us?
Please think about doing something of this nature rather than spending your time thinking of the "other" way out (suicide).
Please respond to this if you think it is a worthy idea and I will try and get the ball rolling.
Best of luck to all of us, painguy10. Note: I'd use my real name if I wasn't afraid the DEA would be on my doorstep to try and stop any kind of peaceful demonstration that conflicts with their interests, whatever they may be.

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