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Postherpetic neuralgia pain

From: gdavids - 7 years 41 weeks ago

My dad has postherpetic neuralgia, and I've read that capsaicin can help with the pain. I've also heard that papaya and pineapple can help ease the pain.

Has anyone else heard of these or tried these out?

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I did the capsicin patch called qutara (sp?) It was administered in Dr's office and you lay there for about an hour. My Dr that did it didn't do the appropriate drug treatment when you use this - and the pain level that I felt from the treatment seemed way worse then PHN. I could not wait to get it off and get home. I didn't get any relief from that session so I choose to not do it again. But I did hear there are folks that do them and they have relief for 3 mos or more. I have found having this for 5 years that it has been very challenging like cancer - I still believe one day I will have this pain go away - but the longer this goes on the harder it is for me to hold onto this. I hope you find this helpful.

Is this good advice?

There is a Customer Review for Reunion AI at The Reviewer is citing virtually immediate relief from PHN for her husband. They previously used hydrocodone and hydromorphine and got minimal results. The Reunion AI gave immediate relief.

I realize you posted this several years ago, but other recent viewers may get some value from this information.

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