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My wife has MS, diabetes, a damaged spinal cord, and recently had cancer removed from her uterus via a complete hysterectomy and many other diseases. She has been in pain and undiagnosed with the MS and Stenosis for several years. She was finally able to get help with some pain control after being shoo'd away by many doctors in our area that don't treat Chronic Pain.
Chronic Pain is Real ! It does exist and people all over this state are not being given help, instead branded as drug seekers and given tylenol to deal with pain. This is not right !
My Wife last week had her primary care provider say that she had broken her pain med contract over meds that were prescribed by a surgeon who removed cancer. She is now without a way to control pain at the end of this month, Valley View is supposed to hold a hearing and review this. This is some strong BOLOGNA ! When people tell a doctor they are going to have a surgery, they are also informed that there will be pain to deal with.
The amount of hoop jumping and work that it takes to be able to find someone to help is exhausting, especially for my wife who suffers with the ability to explain, concentrate and put together words to tell what has happened. The people in this state who need some relief to have "some" quality of life are shunned and dictated to by cold hearted politicians that want to "CONTROL" drug abuse. The latest findings on abuse of pain medicine I found reported that less then 5% of persons prescribed pain meds abuse them or sell them. That means the remaining 95% are having to suffer and go without prescriptions because of rules and mandates by people who have not experienced the pain that rules these poor suffering peoples lives.
In summary, my wife spend hours crying in pain, days worrying if the prescription will be renewed or fixed. Often Pharmacies make this a real chore too, when prescriptions aren't filled out exactly as needed. Meanwhile those with pain are still suffering ! There are lots of people suffering and it is not because the medicine isn't available, but rather because those untouched by it have restricted it's use.
We are currently trying to get some info on when the hearing will happen, will she be able to get medicine or if she will be hospitalized, due to PAIN ? I do not appreciate the regulation of pain meds, the pain meds have helped greatly. Please talk to your congressman about this injustice. I would welcome an opportunity to share this story with any media interrested and expose the ugly cold hearted self serving world of Denying people with chronic diseases relief from pain that destroys lives, families, relationships and hope !
GOD Bless you for your time !
Mike Garrett

Recent Update

Hello, my wife has now been told by the executive director that instead of a hearing where she can present her case, she must go to a addictions center to be evaluated as a addict. This is so wrong ! My wife has nerve damage from not being diagnosed with MS and a stenosis in her neck that was beginning to paralyze her. For over 5yrs she has been in pain and not treated until about this last year and a half. We have documentation for this whole story and will gladly share it.
The original reason told us by her provider was prescriptions from the surgeon, we just received a letter from the surgeons office stating they contacted Raj Rashpal, the PA who is the cause of this and he told them there were more reasons then just the prescriptions, meanwhile my wife suffers and is so distraught, please help us, please !

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very sorry very sorry,i am praying for you both.fight for her.i know what you are saying,noone in america especially should suffer like some of us do.
can she have massaging and hot baths to help her abit?i pray she has something.
there are always people ruining it for others,this world is not fair,i realize you know that.i was rejected by pain specialist becuz i wouldnt sign the contract,i knew i became in such uncontrollable pain,he should not have suggested removing my pain patch on first meeting.i lived like an animal for months and glad she is blessed to have you fight for pain is with me but controlled now,took 2 years,1 hour is too long for some pain.i hope someone will help you and be wise enough to convey how bad chronic pain is and they can get it too or their loved one.
i hope you find a lawyer and a good doctor and whatever else you need to care for eachother in a humane and respectful way.