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Lupus - Please help me

From: SashaSussex - 7 years 40 weeks ago

I'm 29 years old and have had lupus for 6 years. Before I had it I was into beach volleyball, mountain biking and amy boyfriend and I loved to scuba. Now, I'm like an old woman. This is killing me. My joints hurt, I'm exhausted and the side effects of the medicines are lousy. Now my doctor tells me that one of the drugs I'm on might be dmaging my kidneys. I'm 29 - this can't be happening.

Please, is anyone aware of any alternative medicines that can help? I can't keep taking all these drugs, and still not feel well enough to "do life". Are there any vitamins, herbs, minerals that can help? Anything at all? What about accupuncture?

I'm desperate. Please answer.


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