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Recovering the Ability to Walk

From: Geopyre - 3 years 39 weeks ago

Hello, I am new to this site, but I was hoping that perhaps the people here could be of help. Truth is, I'm not here for myself, but rather on behalf of my younger sister (I hope to get her on here at some point, but in the mean time she is in crippling pain, and I need some ways to advise her). Here is what I know about her condition: She is 23, has a combination of Scoliosis (I cannot remember extant of the curvature, but it is slightly enough that several people have told her she should not be feeling any pain due to it), hypermobility syndrome, and a number of muscle imbalances. This is causing her so much pain that she feels unable to walk for any significant period of time, also feeling unable to do the at home exercises recommended to her by her physical therapist. If this weren't bad enough, she also tends to suffer from depression and a severe aversion to "conventional" medicine, hospitals, etc. She tells me that even just recovering the ability to walk would do wonders to help her get better, but I'm at a loss as to how to help here. I have no idea what kind of people I should be searching out to talk to, what kinds of specialists might be able to help, what treatments are available, or even just what kinds of terms I should be searching for to learn more about the subject. I realize hers is a highly specific, and that her aversion to conventional medicine is a significant hindrance, but she's not an idiot, and if there is some suggestions the people of this site could provide, at least on where to start searching, I may be able to get her to try them. I really just need guidance here, so any advice is appreciated.

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