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PAINFUL !!!!!!

From: Deepak197429 - 4 years 6 weeks ago

This is the first time i am getting on a online community to help and manage and hopefully reduce chronic pain issue i have been battling for last 4 years now.

I am 40 year old , male based from India, used to play Golf till 4 years back and played last 6 months with the injuries in the initial stage . have three distinct zones with chronic pain on my left side of upper body.

Zone 1 -- Left side neck , shoulder , chest/mid rib and upper back

Zone 2 - Left side , core muscles and lesser pain on core right side

Zone 3 -- Left side , lower back going down to left Hip joint and buttock

I have MRI , SCAN , USG , Blood tests etc ... only confirmatory diagnostic has been degenerative muscular tears indicated in the USG in the intercostal muscles

I have tried multiple treatments - physio , medicines , oils , Ayurveda , exercise etc .... the improvement has been only marginal over the last three years

I am currently managing by wearing support belt and avoiding physical strain .. the pain gets escalated with minimum sitting , walking etc without support.

Look forward to suggestions and inputs from the community

Thank You in advance

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Is this good advice?

I wouldn't be surprised if you have a herniated disc.

Go see a good spine specialist.

Karl Douglass, Pres.
Pure Biomed, LLC

Is this good advice?

Have you tried any steroid/anesthetic injections for any of your painful areas?