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Since carefully researching Dr. Tennant's findings on neurogenesis through various means including neuro-hormones i twisted my wonderful internet's arm until he looked at this information and strongly suggested he check my levels, (i was having many symptoms of low T), indeed levels of testosterone and free testosterone were low. That was Nov.2015. Transderm Testosterone was started with on and off dosing of DHEA or Pregnenolone plus 2000IU of D3 and various other "androgenic herbs" like Puncture Vine and/or Tongkat Ali and Nettle root. I am 37 and when Testosterone was started i had a amazing compulsion to exercise and keep body in anabolic mode and out of catabolic mode. I had not felt such deep motivation in nearly 10yrs. In 4 months i went from 200lbs at 5'9'' to 165lbs of muscle right now. Pain levels greatly reduced and opioid requirements way down plus efficacy way up. Was able to cut dose from MSER 100mg total 400mg per 24hrs, Dilaudid 8mg q4-6, Roxicodone 30mg 2tabs q6hrs plus Soma, Valium and Adderall and sleep aid. Now cut Morphine ER out. Dilaudid down to q6hrs and Oxycodone from 8tabs per day to 6 tabs and ready to go down a bit again. Physical shape still improving and i am certain neurogenesis is occuring. This must be due to the hormone therapy because until that one change none of this was happening. Thank you Dr. Tennant!

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