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Nobody is monitoring my medication for chronic pain - why?

From: hungryeyes - 7 years 27 weeks ago

I have been diagnosed with Chronic Pain, Chronic fatigure, Fibromyalgia, Ulcerative Colitus, Osteoperosis, Inflammation of my stomach lining, Migraines, Depression, I have to self catherterise due to a 30 foot fall I sustained back in 2003, I broke my back in several places plus broke my pelvis on both sides my right hip, my right wrist my right arm, my right ankle plus my right heel was crushed like an egg.. I moved into the area I am in now 4 and 1/2 years ago, and yet I have had to change my GP 3 times because no one is managing my medication intake. I am on 28 different tablets. The most potent is the morphine I take which is 220mg daily plus I have Oromorph vials which I take for break through pain, plus I am on Pregablin 200mg daily, HRT (Premarin), Amytriptiline for helping me sleep at night because I cannot sleep well at night due to the pain. I cannot believe how bad it is in the area I live in. Admittedly the sad fact is we are judged by the post code we live, I call it the post code lottery, if you happen to fall into a post code like the one I am in then you definitely do not get the right medical attention. Where I was living before I was seen by my GP every fortnight who would take my blood pressure and enquire as to how my medication was working if at all. Yet I feel like banging my head against the wall in this area where I live because no one has monitered my intake of opioids, or the steroids or my HRT it stinks!

I have also been asking for counselling by a Cognitive Therapist, this has been 4 1/2 years that I have been waiting for this service too I was told there is not any in the area! I am scared because of the news I sometimes hear when someone dies due to prescription drugs, I am scared because now I am trying to take myself off some of the drugs I am on such as HRT, I thought I was doing the right thing until I read today that HRT is really good for people who are on the menopause and who suffer from osteoperosis like I do means it imperative I take it. I have also stopped other medication I have been prescribed by one of my many Consultants from the 5 different hospital I attend. I am scared incase they might interact and cause serious side effects with my health. Only today I was reading the guidance notes on Alundronic Acid tablets which is another medication I take and I read one is not to take it if they have had kidney problems or has gum desease or is due to have a tooth extracted. I have all 3 of them! So why is it my I have been given this tablet? I just do not know who to turn to, I am supposed to be under the pain management consultant at my local hospital but he has told me he cannot treat me until I have had counselling which I have been told there is not a Cognitive therapist in my area, so what do I do? I wish someone out there could advise me what to do as I am seriously worried now. I am really scared that I have stopped 6 of the 28 tablets I have been prescribed too! Please, if there is some one out there who can advise me I would sincerely appreciate your help right now. I also have B12 deficiency and serious D3 deficiency and arthritis in all the bones of 12 which were broken in 2003. - Thank you in anticipation

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i have many issuies with pain allergic to alot of things and live n rural area that hasnt the greatest health care available and on disability.
you must find atleast 1 doctor to run everything also need a reliable pharmasist that you can trust to alert you what other medical proffessionals could you dont have drug reactions or eating foods the inhibit the drugs you take.i was fortunate to find one and finally gained some control.i spent 2 years crawling on the floor screaming,passing out ect ect.i had no pain control at all and was on high doses of meds,it was awful and i am really going to remember you becuz what i went through.
are you getting the b12 shots?sometimes your body wont absorb that unless you have the on fentynol patch,the lower one now.i take cymbalta which works great for me,i was on lots of prozac for years,didnt work.i take ant iinflammatory drug.high blood pressure med and stomach pill(although that does help much)when i quit caffeine my pain level went down.its as good as i get for now,which is far cry from awhile ago so i am thankful.cant get my sleep though.
i use games on facebook to keep my mind off of bad things.make sure you reward yourself with time not thinking about it everyday.dont over think,i did that and tortured myself.
this all sounds bossy,its not meant to be,i feel for you,i one should have to suffer the way people do especially in america no matter where we live.i pray you find some good in this ive written,something to help.
ive learned alot thru this,noone will quite understand what your pain is unless they have been there.they cant help it some cant believe it and others ignore it to deal with it themself.people who love you might not be able to handle it becuz they do not know how to they deal with it as well as they can.
blessings to you and many prayers
get yourself going to bathroom everyday,i used glycerin suppositories for awhile,if i dont go,i use one then finally it works out now as long as i watch what i eat.

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I am very grateful you posted your plight because it gives insight into the medical system you have in England. I live in America in Florida. I have Fibromyalgia chronic fatigue and lowback pain from disc. Those are my primary problems and I have fibro for more then 14 years.I also had brain surgery which left me with a permanent headache I use to be a Radiology Tech for 27 years.
I want to suggest that you try water therapy. If it's available if not, do it own your own by going to beach or public swimimng pool. Get i and see how much less your pain is. After I went to therapy and got in the water my pain was so much better that I put in a pool and get in it frequently. Water reduces your body weight by 90% I take Cymbalta, Tegretol and Gabapatin. And I brought a memory foam topper for my mattress which relieves presure. I also take warm baths with Epsom salt. When I really feel pain from over exerted myself.
I also have found that focusing on any thing except my pain gives me a great deal of relief. And keeps me from feeling overwhelmed. Find a hobby or interest such as helping others that are less fortunate then yourself. I work when I feel well as a Substitue Teacher with High School Students who are so Independent they can help me run the class. I am so distracted with managing 25 Students that I don't notice my pain or discomfort until the end of the day. Of course I'm so tired I come in and a take a nap. But distraction is a good medicine in itself. I also break tasks into small jobs, doing as much as I can and the minute my body say no more I stop and take a nap. Animals are great Therapy to because I don't feel like walking but my dog does so it means I will excerise whether I want to or not . I have recently adopted 2 cats and I notice that being distarcted even with them I 'm not focusing in my pain. It's has if pain is heighten the more attention it's given.
I hope I have made some suggestion that might help. Many Blessings and you are in my prayers.

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Hi hungryeyes, my doctors don't monitor me either. I have no idea why, maybe just to shut us up. Hoping we won't complain to them. Last year and year before I don't remember any of it. I missed alot. If it wasn't for my husband I probably would still be that bad. He check around and asked alot about the pills. There were 2 pills he got me off of. why should my husband have to do that. so I kind of know what you mean. Good luck to ya. Just keep on them. don't let up.