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Right Sided Chest Pain

From: Wright1957 - 4 years 16 weeks ago

In 2010 I began to have pain going through my right breast to the right shoulder blade. Laying down with HR lowered it is quite paid full, but stays in that area.

Movement, standing, normal activity the pain radiates down to the left kidney, across the's become debilitating.

I am on 100mg MSContin 3 times daily as well as 10mg oxycodone 4 times daily for break through..

There has been no diagnosis. There's no relief with the exception of laying completely flat and keeping my HR down. If my HR goes up, the pain. Becomes unbearable. In 4 yrs the pain has gotten increasingly worse.

My children hate that I can do nothing with them, I force myself into activities but live in fear I'm going to collapse from the pain and embarrassing them more. They are adults and used to an active mother.

You would think with all the medication I'm on, I could at the very least interact with them comfortably. My kids are my life. With no diagnosis or reason for the pain I have, I just don't get it.

They talk about nodules in lung, liver, kidneys, but no explanation.

I've been worthless to those I love because of the pain for to long......months to see this doc, even more to see the next one, I. Can't even find a "chronic" pain on this page that matches.

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