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My Husband is Dying of End Stage liver Disease

From: GoGrammie - 5 years 50 weeks ago

I am a caretaker of my husband. He has end stage liver disease due to Hepatitis B (chronic carrier) and D ( a by product of hep B.) His spleen is 5 times it's normal size. He has been going to The Community Health Center for almost 4 years now without a single problem.. He was taking Kadian 200 mg twice a day and 6 10 mg methadone for pain. In April they claimed that a UA had no morphine in it even though I am the one that gives him his pain meds. They immediately took him off morphine and began to cut back his methadone by 30 a month. He is now only taking 20mg per day of methadone. We talked to his Dr. who claimed it wasn't him but the pain board and his nurse tells us that he has never challenged a decision by the board. Next month he will be on no pain meds at all. Do they know what it's like to hold a grown man who weighs about 119 pounds (he started at 165) while he moans and cries and begs me to do something? He wants me to help him commit suicide! This is so out of control that I have been forced to go to the streets and find pain medication for him. I don't know what else to do.Since the Michael Jackson thing everything changed. Yes my husband was an addict and that is how he got sick to begin with butt I have never heard of such cruelty in my life. We live in a small town and no other Dr. wants to get involved. Is my only choice to help him die? I can't stand his suffering. He is like a wounded wild animal most of the time.. The kids avoid him because it hurts them to much to see him like this and I don't blame them. He has no quality of life. His 85 year old father mows our lawn and takes care of the trash. I do everything else. It is too much. Will I go to jail if I help him commit suicide? It is more than I can take and I cannot even imagine what it must be like for him. I love him enough to do ANYTHING! He is on medicare so the bills are paid. Can anyone help me? I am desperate.

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