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From: JDials - 1 year 19 weeks ago

I'M Jason I'm 46, I've had many injuries over the years causing arthritis in my knees, shoulders, elbows, low back problems, permanently torn ligaments in my neck. I had arthroscopic knee surgery 20 years ago. I am explosive bipolar, depression,.
This time last year I almost died. I had double chemical pneumonia, ARDS. That put me into a coma for 16 days 14 of those days I was in a roto prone bed. That all caused lots of nerve damage on my left side, I was paralyzed for awhile on my left side leg and arm.
Now I have severe arthritis with bone growth in those joints. I'm Going to have my knee replaced October 16th. And going to have work on shoulder and elbow later.
With the opioid problems in WV almost all the pain clinics have been closed and the primary care physicians are scared to prescribe pain meds. I finally found a pain clinic 2 months ago, that cost 200$ each visit, and he only prescribed me oxycodone 5mg and it doesn't help at all. I'm scared to say to much about it not working. I'm afraid he will kick me out if I say the wrong thing. What do I say? And how do I say it? Please help?

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