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Need a new pain dr!

From: Smiles1781 - 2 years 39 weeks ago

I currently see a pain management dr be he doesn't get that with cronic Lyme there is no explaination for my cronic wide spread pain! I've been dealing with it since I was 15!! My last Lyme specialist used to provide my pain meds but with the law changes coming I thought to be safe let me see a pain management dr - bad move!!! Now I'm desperately searching for a new one who understands and also understands my high tolerance!! I also have the fibro and back issue as well as other issues. But he says he can't find a reason to justify changing anything so he won't! His bedside manner also stinks!!
I know other people who see him and he wrote them pills like they are candy that's be what I want but I want to have something to take when I need it !
I'm in ct if anyone can suggest anyone
I'm at the point I'm going to look into medical mj

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I am a pain management doctor in flower mound Texas. I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. Lyme disease can attack joints but can also cause nerve damage leading to neuropathies. I'm assuming you have chronic Lyme disease and not undertreated Lyme disease. Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish. If it is undertreated, you will need more antibiotics, even if it's years after exposure. Medications such as lyrica or gabapentin can help with neuropathic type pain. Anti inflammatory medications can help with joint pain. The problem with opioid medications is that you become tolerant and develop physical dependence on them. The dose and type of opioid will increase until there will be nothing you could take to treat the pain.

Pain doctors have been under scrutiny for just prescribing opioids but not offering any other types of therapy. Perhaps you can find someone who would prescribe everything mentioned but also refers you for physical therapy. You may also benefit from some joint injections. Without knowing more about your thr type and locations of your pain, this is the best I can do. You deserve to be treated seriously by your doctor. Good luck

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Hi Smiles1781,

Thank you for coming to PPM to share your experience. We are so sorry to hear what you are going through. We have noted the details you've shared and are looking into creating articles that can be of use to you.

In the meantime, here are a few pieces we recommend checking out.
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-Additionally, though you seem to be very aware of how your relationship with your specialist should be, here is some advice from a doctor on finding a new specialist:

If you have any other questions we can answer, please let us know. We are wishing you all the best.