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Making a living with fibromyalgia

From: Turnip - 5 years 45 weeks ago

I've just registered to this site and read some of the heart-breaking posts here. I understand because my heart is broken, too. I don't know how to go on most days, just go through the basic motions of life. What on earth can I do?! I am a Christian woman who has had a difficult life, like so many others, but have always been able to keep faith until now. I still have faith, when I'm in my right mind, but these black depressions are eating my lunch! The combination of fibro-fog and the arm, shoulder and neck pain (I work in an accounting office) have caused me to not be able to do my job correctly, which has caused much stress which of course makes ALL symptoms much worse. As a result, the company moved me to a lower position with less stress but 1/3 less pay, which causes it's own brand of stress. How will I support myself? What will I do when I can't get out of bed? It was a blessing that my boss found another position for me at all, I ALMOST lost my job entirely. I would like to plan for my future (I am 49 years old, not much planning time left), would like to believe I HAVE a future.....have been more depressed than I ever thought possible-depressed enough to contemplate awful things.
Does anyone have any suggestions for a career field or ANYTHING I can do to support myself? I have no savings or retirement, and am finding it difficult to have hope.

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Dear One,
This is my first visit and first post to this site. I'm hoping to make new friends who give me strength and also learn new stuff.
First, I'd love to meet with you thru email so that we can share our faith in Christ and deal with the suffering we face together as sisters in Christ. You can find my email addy thru my profile I think.

Secondly, your concerns about your loss of career are valid and EXTREMELY COMMON with debilitating fibro. I have lost 2 CAREERS and most of a 3rd to fibro. My husband and I (well, mostly I'm the cheerleader) own and operate a small "ma and "pa" real estate office. I did much better in my profession when we had a street-front office and I WAS FORCED TO GET DRESSED NICELY, get out the door and get to town (we live remote on a little mini-farm.) We did that for 3 years ONLY BECAUSE IT WAS GOOD THERAPY FOR ME... isolation for me is deadly. We finally closed the front doors and moved our office home since we weren't gleaning business there (98% of our business is from the Internet.) I've definitely gone downhill with that move.

I would highly recommend you go and learn about/USE the Guaifenesin protocol (the entire protocol... not just taking a pill.) IT'S WHAT SAVED MY LIFE. I used to be bedridden, housebound, and completely debilitated with severe fibrofog.
I also recommend that you find a good Social Security Disability Insurance lawyer who specializes in Fibro cases (all but one person I've met thru the years needed a DUAL DIAGNOSIS in order to qualify for disability.) Find other things to keep you busy but stay as active/challenged as possible if you do have to quit work.