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How can i find a Doctor

From: Gemihndrx - 3 years 19 weeks ago

Does anyone know how I can find a Doctor. I used to go to Dr. Ridgeway and he retired. I was referred to the polyclinic in Indy, but they wanted to refer me to a Psych. I just wanted some relief, I,m not crazy. Then they referred me to Lafayette Pain clinic here in Kokomo and the Doctor there don't know the first thing about pain management. I was taking 20 methadone 10 mg. tabs a day for about six years, and this guy was gonna put me on two Percocet 10mg a day. The guy is a complete idiot. Now I cant find nobody. Could somebody please help me find a real pain Doctor.

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Well, finding a pain physician is no different than finding any other physician in any specialty. You talk to your friends, family, co-workers + you can look one up on google and read reviews by other patients. My only suggestion is to look for a state certified Methadone clinic in your geographical location since a lot of regular pain management doctors prefer other opiate pain killers. Methadone is an old opiate medication and has extremely long half-life (hangs out in your system for a loooooong time). It's also contraindicated in patients with cardiac issues (especially bradycardia or slow heart rate). Hope it helps.

Dr Igor Smelyansky