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Foot pain

From: Novella - 3 years 8 weeks ago

I have chronic foot pain. Does anyone else? My ankles are sore too. Doctors have no advice but to lower my blood sugar.

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I have chronic foot pain. Actually it is my TOES. They hurt to bend at ALL. I am 42. The only thing that helps is putting my feet in very warm water up to my ankles and then when I get out having my husband stretch my foot up and bend my toes back and then down (Which hurts like mad) but then it feels a little better, put on BioFreeze and socks and keep them warm.

I know mine is from dislocating my toes all the time and from my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. My sister who did not inherit the disease has diabetes. I bought her a really good foot massage system that heat the water and keeps it warm and then has this little nubby things she rubs her feet on to help stimulate circulation as she has very limited feeling in her feet (the skin) but feels pain. Her doctor put her on Neurontin for the nerve pain.

Hope that helps a little