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diabetic neuropathy treatments

From: hbrady - 7 years 41 weeks ago

I seem to be asking a lot of questinos on here, but I'm just curious, and this seems like a good place to get answers.

My mom has diabetes. She's had it for years, and as much as we try to encourage her to take care of herself and her diabetes, she doesn't always do it. Well, now she's got diabetic neuropathy. Really painful. It's in her feet, and she tells me that it's a sharp pain that she's had for awhile but never thought to tell me about it.

Or her doctor, I guess.

So now i'm tryign to figure out good treatment options for this. Just a way to help her deal with the pain. I'm sure there are medications she could use, or maybe an injection she could get that would deal with the pain?

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Your mom needs to manage her blood glucose levels much better. If she does that she should lessen the nerve pain. I found this info online that might give your more info...

I know there are medications specifically for nerve pain that your doctor can talk about, but why take more meeds when you can probably reduce symptoms through self-management.

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The medication that helps me with foot pain is Lyrica - for me, 100 mg 3 times daily. It's expensive but for me it's take that med. or don't walk.