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Nobody is monitoring my medication for chronic pain - why?

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Financial help for RA (rhuematoid Arthritis

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TMJ disorder and medications

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Can exericse or massage help with psoriatic arthritis?

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Chronic Intractable Pain Patient Needs Advocate!

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phn pain

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Opioids and Chronic Pain Management

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The day I got my Life back!

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Lupus - Please help me

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Suffering in Raleigh

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Anyone with Arachnoiditis

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My Husband is Dying of End Stage liver Disease

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Need a new pain dr!

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Chronic Shoulder Neck Pain Use of Marijuana and Anti-depressants

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acupuncture for fibromyalgia?

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Heel Pain, maybe its plantar fasciitis?

Started by edoughtery 7 years 51 weeks ago