Jeffrey Fudin, PharmD, DAIPM, FCCP, FASHP's portrait
Jeffrey Fudin, PharmD, DAIPM, FCCP, FASHP
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Pain Management
Stratton VA Medical Center
Albany, NY
Dr. Fudin is a member of the Practical Pain Management Editorial Board.

About Jeffrey Fudin, PharmD, DAIPM, FCCP, FASHP

As of August 2018, Dr. Jeffrey Fudin is a Co-Editor-at-Large of Practical Pain Management with Dr. Jeff Gudin.


Jeffrey Fudin, PharmD, DAIPM, FCCP, FASHP, FFSMB, is a clinical pharmacy specialist in pain management at the Stratton VA Medical Center in Albany, New York, and the CEO and founder of Remitigate, LLC, a software development company with a focus on opioid safety. He serves as an adjunct associate professor at Western New England University College of Pharmacy, and at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.  

A diplomate of the Academy of Integrative Pain Management, and a fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP), the American Society of Health-system Pharmacists, and the Federation of State Medical Boards, Dr. Fudin has been a staunch advocate for patients with chronic pain and an educator to providers for appropriately monitoring and interpreting opioid risks. He founded the ACCP Pain Pharmacy Practice Network group, and as a peer reviewer, helped to establish several clinical practice guidelines, including for arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic non-cancer pain, as well as for urine drug monitoring and opioid-induced constipation.

Dr. Fudin earned his PharmD from Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and completed an American Cancer Society sponsored oncology / hematology fellowship at SUNY Upstate Medical University.

Practical Pain Management readers will recognize Dr. Fudin as one of the co-developers of the PPM Opioid Conversion Calculator.

Visit Dr. Fudin's website.

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