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Kern A. Olson, PhD's portrait
Kern A. Olson, PhD
Pain Psychologist
Private Practice
Portland, OR
Dr. Olson is a member of the Practical Pain Management Editorial Board.

About Kern A. Olson, PhD

Dr. Olson earned his doctorate from the University of Wyoming. His Internship was at the University of Oregon Medical School, Department of Medical Psychology. He continued his studies in the area of biofeedback at the Professional School of Biofeedback in San Francisco, California,  and at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. At the University of Texas, Dr. Olson studied neuropsychology assessment.

Dr. Olson has worked as a Staff Psychologist of Mental Health Programs, in private practice, as Director of Behavioral Medicine and Psychological Services, and as a psychologist in a Pain Management Center. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy, Society of Behavioral Medicine, and the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. Specific societies associated with the research of pain of which Dr. Olson is a member of are the American Pain Society, Western Pain Society, International Association for the Study of Pain, Neuromodulation Society, and Portland Pain Interest Study Group.

Dr. Olson has published more than 10 journal publications, written invited monographs, and has an active history of invited lectureships. Read an excerpt for his latest book: It Hurts: A Practical Guide for Pain Management (WellBridge Books, 2018). 


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