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About Mike Shelley, PhD, BPsych

Mike Shelley, PhD, BPsych, is the Director of Psychology, for a regional Health Service. His PhD was in health psychology looking at the effects of psychological distress on pain and immunological outcomes for surgical cardiac patients. Mike has been first author on four articles published in peer-reviewed journals in health psychology. Work history includes NGOs, private and public hospitals working in chronic pain, alcohol and drugs, mental health and PTSD. Academic work includes lecturing at Universities in personality, psychopathology, health psychology, research methods, ethics, counseling and organizational psychology.

Dr. Shelley’s interests include psychological symptoms and heart disease, pain management, health psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, post trauma stress disorder, cognitive decline in the elderly, narrative therapy, exposure therapy, research methods, and teaching. Private practice work includes group therapy on self-awareness, chronic pain, human stress response, relapse prevention, anger management, and trauma—as well as individual psychotherapy and supervision of students.

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