Barbara J. Turner, MD, MSED
Research Professor Medicine, Nursing and Family & Community Medicine
University of Texas Health San Antonio
San Antonio, TX

About Barbara J. Turner, MD, MSED

Barbara J. Turner MD, MSED, MA, MACP is a research professor of medicine in the Departments of Medicine, Nursing, and Family & Community Medicine at University of Texas Health (UT Health) San Antonio. Her research has addressed many aspects of care for persons with chronic pain, including the identification of risks of treatment with opioids and benzodiazepines. She has also conducted a population-based survey of persons with and without chronic pain in five southwestern states that reveals significant differences in access to non-pharmacologic therapy by income level and limited knowledge about chronic pain in the general public. She led the development of a chronic pain self-management program for socioeconomically disadvantaged primary care patients and conducted a randomized trial that showed significant improvements in multiple functional measures. She is committed to integrating practical, effective approaches for primary care patients to learn about chronic pain self-management in order to improve function and reduce reliance on medications that may pose risks for treatment.

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