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Megan Garlapow, PhD
Freelance Medical Writer
Tempe, AZ

About Megan Garlapow, PhD

Dr. Garlapow is a freelance medical writer who has written about a wide range of endocrinology, cardiovascular, and oncology topics in medical news. Additionally, she has reported remotely and on-site for medical conferences, composed posters, abstracts, and slide decks for presentations at local and national conferences, and written peer-reviewed manuscripts. 

Before working as a medical writer, Dr. Garlapow worked in a biopsychology lab, examining social factors affecting breast cancer in rats and people and in a neurogenetics lab, examining the circadian factors affecting nicotine addiction in a mouse model.

She earned a PhD in genetics from North Carolina State University, using quantitative genetics approaches to examine the regulation of feeding. In her postdoctoral research at Arizona State University, Dr. Garlapow examined the environmental and genetic factors affecting body weight. She is a member of the American Medical Writers Association.

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