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Barth Wilsey, MD's portrait
Barth Wilsey, MD
Associate Physician
Departments of Psychiatry and Anesthesiology, University of California San Diego
San Diego, CA

About Barth Wilsey, MD

Barth Wilsey, MD, is an associate physician in the departments of psychiatry and anesthesiology at the University of California San Diego (UCSD). Dr. Wilsey is also at the University of California Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR), based at UCSD. He received his medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh and completed an anesthesiology residency at UC Davis.

He also completed an Anesthesiology Pain Management Fellowship at Virginia Commonwealth University and a National Institues of Health-supported Neurology Pain Research Fellowship at UCSF.

Prior to coming to UCSD, Dr. Wilsey was a joint appointee at the UC Davis Medical Center and the Northern California Health Care System. He practiced pain medicine and performed clinical research at these affiliated institutions for 15 years. He had a strong interest in research ethics and chaired the institutional review boards at different times at both facilities.

His research interests have centered on analgesic medications, with publications involving prescription opioid abuse and medical marijuana. In addition, he has been interested in the interface between clinical practice and information technology and has worked on computer-assisted survey instruments.

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