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L. Richard Bruursema's portrait
L. Richard Bruursema
Chief Executive Officer
Insight Neurosystems, LLC
Olathe, KS

About L. Richard Bruursema

L. Richard Bruursema is the founder and CEO of Insight NeuroSystems, which provides research and support for health professionals using the BAUD, a unique acoustical neuromodulation device. Mr. Bruursema trains and supports psychologists, physical therapist, chiropractors and doctors worldwide in applying the device clinically and has spearheaded research activities and experimental applications of acoustical neuromodulation to many chronic problems such as Parkinson’s, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, stroke, paralysis, chronic pain and neurological disorders of all types.

Mr. Bruursema has also initiated and consulted on fMRI and other pilot studies of acoustical neuromodulation therapy and collected clinical data for a study presented at the 2010 Conference of the International Society for Neurotherapy Research. 

The author of Resetting the Fear Switch in PTSD: A Novel Treatment Using Acoustical Neuromodulation to Modify Memory Reconsolidation and the BAUD Therapist Manual, Mr. Bruursema has made numerous presentations and conducted webinars on the use of acoustical neuromodulation as an adjunct therapy.

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