Fabien Bitan, MD's portrait
Fabien Bitan, MD
Orthopedic Spine Surgeon
Atlantic Spine Center
West Orange, NJ

About Fabien Bitan, MD

Fabien Bitan, MD,  is a world renowned spine surgeon and leading expert in spinal instrumentation. He has substantial experience in treating spinal deformities, especially scoliosis and kyphosis, in Europe and the United States. His areas of expertise include treating spinal deformities, performing artificial disc replacement, and operating minimally invasive spinal procedures.

After earning his medical degree in France, Dr. Bitan received extensive postgraduate training in orthopedic surgery and spine surgery in the Institute of Calot in Berck-sur-mer, France, one of the most prestigious centers for the treatment of spinal deformities in Europe—home of Dr Cotrel who invented the revolutionary Cotrel DUbousset instrumentation. Dr. Bitan had acquired substantial experience in using this technique well before it became a standard surgical treatment for scoliosis. He has since performed more than 1,000 surgical procedures in this field.

After 10 years of academic appointments and medical practice in France, Dr. Bitan moved to New York, where he completed 2 fellowships, one at the Hospital for Special Surgery and the other at the Beth Israel Medical Center. He subsequently obtained his Board Certification from the American Association of Physician Specialists. He then worked with Dr. Fred Epstein, a legendary neurosurgeon known for his innovative treatment of brain and spinal tumors in children.

Dr. Bitan was the principal investigator of the FDA SB Charité clinical trial on artificial disc replacement technology, and he was the only surgeon in the northeastern United States who was designated to use the technology before it was approved by the FDA in 2004. Over the years, he has also led many other research projects in the fields of scoliosis, minimally invasive spine surgery, and kyphoplasty.

He is a member of a number of medical societies, including the Scoliosis Research Society and the North American Spine Society. He is board certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery.

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