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Bennet Davis, MD
Integrative Pain Center of Arizona
Tucson, AZ

About Bennet Davis, MD

Bennet Davis, MD, has an extensive education background. He is the founder of and a practicing physician at the Integrative Pain Center of Arizona, one of the few private practice multidisciplinary pain clinics to receive the “Center of Excellence” award from the American Pain Society. His activities in primary care education include authorship of the only NIH supported on-line pain curriculum for primary care providers (at and he leads the expert panel for the industry leading on line Weitzman Center for Healthcare Innovation Pain ECHO primary care teaching program. He has developed a variety of programs to improve pain care in primary care practice, including the Arizona Medical Association’s project to translate opioid prescribing guidelines into a template for documentation of a clinic visit opioid monitoring (the results of this should be on the Dept of health website in Az anytime now!). He is active in health care reform as the Chief Medical Officer of the Employer’s Health Alliance of Arizona. He is active in medical resident and pharmacy student training at the University of Arizona, where he holds an adjunct faculty appointment in the College of Pharmacy. He was the founder of the University of Arizona pain fellowship training program in 1995 and was full time faculty there until moving to private practice in 2002.

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