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Find out if neurostimulation could be used to treat your chronic back pain. Two chronic pain experts weigh in.

Practical Pain Management spoke with Steven H. Richeimer, MD, Chief, Division of Pain Medicine, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, to learn what people need to know before having an epidural steroid injection.

Are epidural steroid injections safe? Steven Richeimer, MD answers our questions.

Infusion of a local anesthetic in the adductor canal during knee replacement surgery reduced postoperative pain and improved the ability of patients to get up and move following surgery.

For patients who do not respond to medical treatment, a newly approved device, the RNS Stimulator by Neuropace, Inc., offers hope. 

Injections, Stimulation, Pain Pumps, and Other Treatments

Finding pain relief can be tough for people living with chronic pain. Find out about common interventional pain management procedures.