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I am searching for treatment options for a mid back burning pain in my spine that escalates as the morning wears on. Relief is only provided if I lay down or use hydrocodone. When I was actively being poisoned (from our exterminator contaminated home), my spine would collapse and I wouldn't be able to sit upright but had to lay across a table or lay down entirely to function. MRI etc shows 'normal' aging (female soon to be 69) but I have not been able to discover information on the burning pain and what to do about it. Any help appreciated. This site has already been very helpful in discussing the P450 influence on hormones and the endocrine system and how they might be involved.

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60 /post polio sequalae...Sorry to read the despair however its about finding relief by asessing the muscle bundle that KEEPS THE SPINE ALIGNED...
Are your mid back muscle out of condition and burning because of streaching as mine do ..Well its a matter of moving in safe moves to build strength..have you been favoring this condition too long.maybe its time to use an electronic muscle ecerciser or stimulator to contract only that bundle that parallels the spine??Go through a couple weeks of careful strengthening routines and feel it resede the condition. Then be sure to achieve a more active routine with your stimulator.Its interesting learning about rehab with electronics and such.Then once youve got better results from you exercise routines go out into lifes gardens and become satisfied that you CAN HANDLE WHAT LIFE DEALS OUT...